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Supercharging Indonesia’s Millions of MSMEs through Digital solutions and Online Commerce with Adi Wahyu Rahadi, Founder & CEO of majoo

Published on February 23, 2022

The MSME retail+ market holds plenty of untapped potentials, with businesses ready to be supercharged through digital solutions that can also combine the scalability of online distribution with an offline presence.

In this episode of Indonesia Digital Deconstructed by AC Ventures (IDDbyACV), we present Adi Wahyu Rahadi, Founder & CEO of majoo, who leads an end-to-end MSME platform that helps companies operate seamless omnichannel sales and digitize their operations.

majoo, which provides a full suite of digital tools to stand-alone MSMEs, offers an end-to-end platform that runs everything from the point of sales to business management and payroll. In addition, they have recently launched their “Shopify for offline stores,” helping MSMEs augment their revenues by enabling their merchants to set up online stores and connect seamlessly to established marketplaces.

Since its launch, majoo has acquired over 25,000 active merchants while maintaining strong user retention. They saw 250% growth during the pandemic, demonstrating their products’ quality and market fit. The startup has processed over 100 million transactions worth US$ 600 million for MSMEs in more than 600 cities in Indonesia across a diverse range of businesses from micro F&B to laundromats and convenience stores.

In this deep dive episode, Adi and Adrian Li, Founder & Managing Partner of AC Ventures, will share many learnings of majoo’s journey and discuss deeper insights from the SaaS business in the MSMEs space.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The origin story and problem discovery from majoo. Take a look at Adi’s 20 years of experience in the telco world from the IT department within Telkom before shifting to strategic positions and ultimately becoming the general manager of T-Cash (Link Aja) until he led the mobile money business for MSME enterprises.
  • How did he break down the opportunity within the MSME space and figure out which features to prioritize with majoo?
  • How did he approach coming to a business model that is affordable to these companies yet scalable in revenue?
  • What majoo is doing differently to enter what appears to be a hypercompetitive market?
  • What are strategies that majoo has used to achieve top-tier retention rates?
  • Key to success (the majoo playbook)

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