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Empowering changemakers in Indonesia & Southeast Asia

AC Ventures is an early-stage technology venture fund that focuses on investing in Indonesia’s digital disruptors.

About Us We’re impact-driven, early-stage startup investors in Indonesia.

AC Ventures is a top Southeast Asian venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups focused on Indonesia and ASEAN, with over US$500 million in assets under management. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with more than just capital by combining operational experience, industry knowledge, deep local networks, and resources.

With a focus on ventures that deliver impact at scale, we are an official signatory of the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles, IFC’s Invest2Equal program, and the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investing. Within our firm, 50% of the senior leadership roles are occupied by women. 

Our team has invested in over 120 tech companies in the region since 2012. With a team of more than 35 professionals led by Adrian Li, Michael Soerijadji, Helen Wong, and Pandu Sjahrir, AC Ventures has offices in Jakarta and Singapore.

Hear from the Experts Indonesia Digital Deconstructed

A podcast by AC Ventures

Our team breaks apart and dives deep into the different parts of the Indonesian tech scene to get an insider’s look into how each space is evolving. Leveraging our research, proprietary insights, and working with leading entrepreneurs – we’ll give you a view behind the curtain of one of the world’s fastest-growing tech scenes.

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ACV & IMPACT Scaling Impact With Technology


AC Ventures and Boston Consulting Group  have set the first quantifiable ESG standards for the local tech sector by publishing the most in-depth, data-driven impact report to date on Indonesia’s digital economy. The overall net impact ratio of AC Ventures and its portfolio delivered an above-average +37%. As a comparative and useful benchmark, the Nasdaq Small Cap Index (NQUSS) delivered an average of +29%. 

Our approach We’re founders investing in founders.

Built by founders, our firm is laser-focused on helping extraordinary founders succeed. Because when it comes to supporting your venture, it’s not just about investing capital. It’s about having the experience and insight to help you move from idea to implementation.

We know what it takes to bring a startup from vision to reality and will use everything at our disposal to maximize your potential in this ever-evolving ecosystem. Trust that we focus on you, not just on capital or resources.

Our Areas of Interest

We believe that technology will transform all sectors of our world and the changes are still coming. Every few years, there are new frontiers opening up for innovation. This is where opportunities to disrupt current markets come about.

As an investor, these are the thematic areas that we are bullish on.

Digital Enablers

Digital Enablers

Novel tech tools that help traditional companies do business online or otherwise join the digital economy.



Startups that challenge the status quo in the financial sector. In Indonesia, this often implies bringing underbanked communities into the fold.

SME Tech

SME Tech

Startups that are helping Indonesia's more than 62 million MSMEs take their businesses online and thrive in a digital era.



Startups that are buying or selling goods and services online or empowering communities to do so.



Startups optimizing the mass movement of goods and people across the country.

Portfolio showcase Exceptional people driving change


Co-founded by Budi Handoko and Phil Opamuratawongse.

With reach across Indonesia and abroad, Shipper is a logistics and warehouse aggregator that offers practical, safe, and convenient solutions for modern business needs.


Co-founded by Farid Naufal AslamIndraka Fadhlillah, and Utari Octavianty.

Through tech and innovation, Aruna’s vision is to transform Indonesia’s fisheries and marine supply chain, while catering to the growing global demand for fishery products.

Aruna Founders (left to right) Indraka, Utari, Farid (3)


Co-founded by  Abhinay Peddisetty
and Chinmay Chauhan.

BukuWarung is a mobile digital transaction ledger for MSMEs. It helps small businesses gain visibility over their financial conditions and collect credit transactions.


Co-founded by  Alan Wong, Derry Sakti, Nipun Mehra, and Ricky Tenggara.

Ula is a wholesale e-commerce marketplace that provides working capital and inventory sourcing to small business owners in Indonesia.

Hear from the Experts Indonesia Digital Deconstructed


Co-founded by Sigit Kouwagam, Wellson Lo, and Johny Susanto

Stockbit is Indonesia’s premier stock investing app for millennials. It also acts as a public info aggregator and discussion forum. Meanwhile, its product Bibit makes investing easy for those with little or no experience.