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EdenFarm launches Eden Collection Facility Caringin, supporting Millennial Farmers in Indonesia

Published on March 5, 2022

Photo Credit: EdenFarm

EdenFarm’s mission to create a sustainable food ecosystem is proven through various strategic efforts, one of which is the launch of the Eden Collection Facility (ECF) Caringin, Saturday (03/05/2022). ECF is an EdenFarm commodity center that will optimize the supply chain and provide assistance to farmers with a structured cropping pattern scheme and continuously absorb production from local agricultural commodities.

“One of the biggest challenges in creating a sustainable food ecosystem is the lengthy supply chain channel from producers to consumers. We designed the Eden Collection Facility as a post-harvest commodity center. We collect agricultural produce, then sort it and distribute it to Eden Fulfillment Centers in big cities. Through ECF, the EdenFarm team will provide guidance to farmers with a structured cropping pattern scheme as well as regular education, as an effort to develop sustainable agriculture,” said David Setyadi Gunawan, EdenFarm’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The inauguration of the ECF was attended by the Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, Head of the Department of Food Crops and Horticulture of West Java Province Ir. Dadan Hidayat. In his speech, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum expressed his appreciation for EdenFarm, which has carried out extraordinary agricultural activities in collaboration with the West Java Provincial Government and accommodated agricultural produce from Petani Milenial not only in Bogor but also in Garut and Sumedang. “EdenFarm pays only with a difference of 1 day from the goods received, so it is very helpful for farmers, especially in West Java,” said Uu.

ECF Caringin is one of the distribution channels to fulfill the demand from the market throughout Java. This year, EdenFarm will have 25 more ECFs to maintain supply and demand stability and empower local farmers.

Photo Credit: EdenFarm

In line with the West Java Provincial Government’s mission to encourage regeneration in the agricultural sector through the Millennial Farmer program, on this occasion, the CEO of EdenFarm, David Setyadi Gunawan, and the Head of the Department of Food Crops and Horticulture of West Java Province, Ir. Dadan Hidayat, signed a Collective Agreement whereby EdenFarm will commit to absorbing crop yields of agricultural products from Petani Milenial in West Java, as well as improving the welfare of farmers through assistance in the cultivation process and accurate market prediction for agricultural products.

EdenFarm’s collaboration with Petani Milenial has been ongoing since April 2021. It has absorbed more than 70,000 kg of harvest from Petani Milenial partners in Garut and Sukaraja. EdenFarm distributes an average of 1000 tons of agricultural commodity products per month to various customer segments. As a form of appreciation for the registered farmers, EdenFarm issued the Eden Farmers ID, which has multiple benefits for farmers, including facilitating farmers’ access to cultivation funding, loyalty programs such as scholarships for farmers’ children, and Umrah. In addition, farmers can also access Farmers Apps. This farmer application features an agricultural encyclopedia, consultation, price predictions, and supply and demand data to increase productivity.

The Eden Farmers ID was handed over directly by David Setyadi Gunawan to representatives of the Petani Milenial farmer groups, namely Petani Eptilu (Garut), Tani Makmur Millennial (Sumedang) dan Tani Mandiri Sejahtera (Bogor).

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