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Value Creation

Experience, Network & Capital

At AC Ventures, our value creation department is a driving force behind the success of our portfolio companies. We provide comprehensive, in-market support across a variety of key disciplines. Our aim is to help startups to grow, innovate, and achieve lasting success.

Our Commitment

Building a successful startup can be daunting, especially when guidance is in short supply. Many entrepreneurs stumble early, with potential left unrealized due to insufficient support. Our mission is to provide founders with more than just capital. We combine our operational experience, industry knowledge, deep local networks, and diverse resources to help them thrive early in the market. 

Our hands-on value creation team is an extension of our core philosophy, ensuring our founders are well-supported. We offer a wide range of tailored services to meet the unique needs of each company.

Organization and People

The foundation of any successful startup is its people. Our team works closely with portfolio companies to identify skill gaps, streamline the hiring process, and develop strategies for retaining exceptional employees. This ensures startups have the right talent to drive innovation, growth, and market share.


  • Organization planning
  • Recruitment advisory
  • Executive search
  • Employer branding

Business Development & Partnerships

We help startups identify and pursue new market opportunities, customer segments, and revenue streams while fostering strategic alliances. By providing guidance in sales strategies and connecting portfolio companies with industry partners, ranging from tech giants to niche players, we help our companies expand their reach, capture new markets, and accelerate their growth trajectory.


  • Strategy development
  • Stakeholder & government relations
  • Implementation
  • Capacity building

Capital Advisory

Fundraising can be a challenging process for startups. Our value creation department supports portfolio companies in securing the capital they need to fuel growth. From identifying potential investors to crafting compelling pitches, we leverage our strong relationships with investors to help startups successfully raise funds.


  • Equity fundraising 
  • Venture debt fundraising 
  • Strategic M&A 
  • Exits

Financial Management Advisory

Startups often need assistance with strategic financial guidance, helping them secure funding, manage cash flow, and optimize profitability. Leveraging a seasoned finance team, ACV builds robust financial systems to bolster startup growth, ensure compliance, and navigate economic uncertainties.


  • Financial performance monitoring & evaluation
  • Budgeting & forecasting support
  • Governance & treasury advisory
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Marketing & Growth

We provide cutting-edge marketing strategies and cost-effective growth-hacking techniques. Drawing on deep industry knowledge, ACV helps startups reach target audiences, enhance brand visibility, and drive user acquisition, leading to accelerated market penetration and growth.


  • Marketing strategies
  • Branding strategies
  • Social media & performance marketing

Public Relations & Communications

Effective communication is vital for startups to build and maintain a strong brand presence in the market. We offer guidance in media relations and digital marketing to help startups convey their message, engage with stakeholders, and enhance their brand reputations.


  • Employer branding
  • Announcements & press releases
  • Thought leadership & distribution
  • PR campaigns

ESG Advisory

Our value creation department assists startups in integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into their operations and strategies. By promoting responsible practices and focusing on long-term sustainability, we help our portfolio companies align with investor expectations, reduce risks, and create lasting value.


  • Net impact assessments
  • ESG recruiting
  • Impact narrative advisory
  • ESG leadership training


Our team prioritizes clear communication and enriched learning experiences. Through regular check-ins, goal-setting, interactive seminars, playbooks, and sharing sessions, we empower founders to reach their goals.


Advisor Community

AC Ventures offers a growing pool of experienced advisors, including industry veterans, successful entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts from tech giants to the Fortune 500. This diverse network of professionals offers tailored guidance to our portfolio companies, ensuring they receive the right support and mentorship to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.


HR Community

We a proud to help startups navigate HR complexities. This collaborative community allows HR professionals to interact, share insights, and learn via various activities, forums, and award events. With over 20 members from diverse startups, the community convenes in-person and virtually and utilizes ACV Academy’s resources.

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