August 25, 2020

Indonesia Venture Capital

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Running a business is not as easy as turning your palm. It takes hard work and enough capital to build a great business. Talking about capital, almost all startups in Indonesia grow with the help of Venture Capital or business capital provider services. One of the top venture capital Indonesia that you can entrust to get funding or capital assistance for your startup business is AC Ventures. Why? To answer the question of why you need to entrust AC Ventures as a solution to getting capital assistance for your startup business, let’s look at the explanation below.

AC Ventures-Indonesia Startup Funding

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AC Ventures is an early-stage technology venture fund that focuses on investing in Indonesia’s digital disruptors by partnering and supporting entrepreneurs with more than capital, but also by combining our operating experience, industry knowledge, and deep local network. As Indonesia startup funding, AC Ventures focuses primarily on investing in Indonesia companies or to win the Indonesian market. We research technology-driven business models that have demonstrated successful adoption in more mature and emerging markets such as the US, China, and India to build a localized thesis for Indonesia.

History of AC Ventures – VC Indonesia

Indonesia today presents itself as one of the most attractive emerging market demographics (population of 264 M, of which, 52% are under the age of 30 and 44% are in the middle & affluent class, which is set to increase to 76% of the population by 2030), with over a decade of strong sustainable growth, making it promising for technology investments. With these, Indonesia forecasted to be the 4th largest economy by GDP in 2030. Therefore, AC Ventures also sees this as a good opportunity to help startup growth in Indonesia.

AC Ventures itself was formed through the merger of two leading venture capital funds in Indonesia, Agaeti Venture Capital and Convergence Ventures. Through our founder, fundamentals, and operating approach, we work closely with entrepreneurs and compliment them with our research-driven knowledge and action-orientated portfolio support, business development, and network.

The Reason You Should Choose AC Ventures As Your Indonesia Startup Funding Solution

As Indonesia’s top venture capital, AC Ventures offers various advantages for you, including :

• Grit
Hard work, persistence, and perseverance as driving positive change is never easy.

• Curiosity
Rapid and eager learners; we love the diversity of thought.

• Integrity
Authentic, transparent, and intellectually honest.

• Excellence
Focusing on data-driven analysis and producing great results.

• Humility
Valuing openness, inviting feedback and embracing growth

• Partnership
Doing what we love from a place of passion and service, building on our ecosystem further.

That’s a little explanation about AC Ventures as one of the top venture capital Indonesia that you can trust. For those of you who are interested in partnering with AC Ventures and need more information, you can get it through the AC Ventures official website at