Arya Sena - Sr. Investment Analyst

Arya Sena

SR. Investment Analyst


Arya is a graduate from University of Indonesia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, majoring in Accounting.

As a student at University of Indonesia, he served as a Teaching Assistant, covering Investment and Capital Market, Indonesian Taxation, Accounting Information System, and Business Communications.

Arya was previously the Chief Financial Officer of Jazz Goes To Campus (, the oldest annual jazz festival in Indonesia, which was founded in 1976.

Prior to joining AC Ventures, Arya was a Business Analyst at SIRCLO, Indonesia’s leading e-commerce enabler, where he was responsible for special projects, finance and operations, and data analytics.

Arya also worked as Senior Analyst at Indonesian Youth for SMEs (, a non-profit organization that provides free consultation services for early start-ups. SIRCLO was one of the clients of Indonesian Youth for SME, along with CoHive, Qareer Group Asia, Dekoruma, and more.

Inspired by the Tham Luang Cave Rescue in Thailand, Arya took a diving certification in 2018 and a year after, he received his advanced diver certification. Arya’s enthusiasm for coastal communities lead him towards a passion for fishery, agriculture, education and renewable energy.

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