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Muthiah Izzatul Fiddin

Talent Operations

Fiddin joined AC Ventures as a Talent Operations in Q3 2022. Her primary role is to assist portfolio companies with their hiring and other Human Resources related issues. Her experience covers recruiting people with different positions for various industries, such as Logistics, SaaS, Media, Education Technology, Financial Technology, and Marketplace. Before joining AC Ventures, she was in ALTO Network, exploring recruitment & employer branding and a headhunting agency focusing on tech outsourcing.

Fiddin loves to see people’s potential and firmly believes that people are essential in driving the company’s business. She enjoys traveling and sitting in a park or doing animal welfare volunteering in her free time. During college, she got a chance to study at Kyoto University and joined an international cultural festival in Sochi, Russia, which increased her interest in people and culture.

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