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Justine Miurina

HR Operations Manager

Justine joined AC Ventures in April 2022 as the HR Operations Manager. Starting her career as a Cross Border Associate at Shopee in 2017, she has quickly developed an interest in start-ups and global businesses. Her understanding of the Indonesian business landscape and the people who thrive in it continues to deepen during her time as an Executive Assistant and HR Manager at the start-up company Target Media Nusantara. Her time at a start-up has also allowed her interest in venture capital to be piqued, and now, equipped with her experiences, she is committed to helping find the people best suited for AC Ventures and creating an optimal working environment for her colleagues.

Justine graduated from Beihang University with a degree in International Business. During her time in Beijing, she has worked and socialized with peers coming from diverse set of backgrounds. Particularly, she has found her experience as the secretary of the International Student Union to be helpful in her goal of creating a dynamic and multicultural work environment at AC Ventures. Justine is also a certified human resource professional with a postgraduate certificate awarded by Atma Jaya Catholic University.

In her free time, Justine enjoys baking, going out for a walk, traveling, and looking for cafes with good coffee & croissants.

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