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[COVER] Unpacking ESOPs for Startups
Reports & Playbooks

Unpacking ESOPs for Startups

Produced in partnership with Carta.


An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is a benefit that gives team members ownership in the company they work for in the form of stock. Startups frequently use these plans to encourage key personnel to give their all as the company’s success translates into financial rewards.

They are important for attracting and retaining top-tier talent, especially in competitive startup ecosystems.

This essential playbook, produced in collaboration with Carta, is a comprehensive guide for startups on how to build and implement ESOPs. It includes market trends, best practices, key success factors, risk mitigation, and more.

This resource is designed to demystify ESOPs for founders and management teams, offering practical advice and actionable intel to ensure success.

It also underscores the role of ESOPs in fostering a culture of ownership among employees, thereby aligning their interests with the company’s growth objectives.


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