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Reports & Playbooks

Reports & Playbooks

Navigating GTM Strategies for Startups

Produced in partnership with Stripe

AC Ventures and Stripe have released a playbook for founders on how to effectively take new technology products to market in an increasingly noisy and competitive landscape. This playbook is designed to guide startups in crafting an effective go-to-market (GTM) strategy, which is vital for both early-stage and growth startups aiming to penetrate or expand in markets.

Robust GTM strategies are more than just product launches; they are about understanding target markets, positioning against rivals, and ensuring value delivery to customers. Such a strategy doesn’t just pave the way for a successful market debut but also lays the foundation for sustained growth and lasting customer loyalty. This playbook dives deep into critical GTM components including market analysis, customer segmentation, pricing strategies, distribution channels, and tailored marketing and sales tactics.

With a focus on offering actionable insights and structured frameworks, the aim is to empower startups to make informed decisions, uncover new market opportunities, and gain a lasting competitive edge. This playbook serves as a comprehensive toolkit, designed to propel new ventures toward tangible results in the market.


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