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Reports & Playbooks

Building Agile Learning Culture for Startups

Produced in partnership with AHA!gility.

AC Ventures and AHA!gility have released a playbook for founders on how to build and foster a culture of agile learning within a startup. Given that companies prioritizing agile learning in executives produce 25% higher profit margins compared to competitors, the playbook aims to serve as a practical guide to cultivating this crucial trait.

Learning agility is a person’s capability and willingness to rapidly acquire new knowledge and skills. It is divided into two main parts: learning orientation, which is the readiness to learn quickly, and learning ability, the mental capacity to identify patterns and trends. This blend of skills, vital in our ever-changing business world, allows individuals to adapt swiftly, making it a must-have for a future-ready workforce.

Agile learners exhibit adaptability to ever-shifting situations, demonstrating a spectrum of behaviors like experimentation, taking performance risks, collaboration, feedback seeking, and reflective thinking. The playbook further underlines the importance of proactive leadership in establishing an agile organization. It stresses the necessity for a supportive learning environment, collaborative work culture, and HR practices that stimulate learning agility.


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