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Reports & Playbooks

Reports & Playbooks

ACV Impact Report 2022

Scaling Impact With Technology

Accelerating ESG Adoption in Indonesia’s Digital Economy

This impact report is designed to serve as a framework – a scaffolding if you will – to guide the way for tech companies and investors who can see a new paradigm of ESG reporting on the horizon in Southeast Asia. Until recently in places like Indonesia, ESG compliance was always more of an afterthought for investors, rather than a focal point. But now, with more institutional capital from overseas coming into the market, local venture firms and startups alike are seeing a new imperative. AC Ventures decided to get active and partner with the two most authoritative players we could find in the ESG and net impact reporting game: The Upright Project and Boston Consulting Group.

So regardless of whether you’re a capital allocator or an aspiring founder, we hope you find value in this report. We believe it can serve as a proper baseline and act as a roadmap for your own impact reporting.


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