The Evolution of VC (final)

The Evolution of VC: Adrian Li of AC Ventures

Original Post by Indo Tekno Podcast

AC Ventures Founder Adrian Li reflects on some of the dramatic changes that have set into Indonesia’s start-up scene since he began VC investing in 2013, from the significant improvement in founder pedigree to the steady rise of Fintech as his favorite sector.

He also opines where a comparison with China can inform successful venture building in Indonesia and mislead. Adrian also discusses how he guides his entrepreneurs in pursuing growth-versus-monetization in SEA’s largest market.


Asia Pacific Series with Chia Jeng Yang 谢征阳: P2P FinTech in Indonesia: Koinworks and AC Ventures

Original Post by Voice of Fintech

In this episode of Asia Pacific Series, hosted by Chia Jeng Yang 谢征阳, Principal at Saison Capital, based in Singapore, we speak to Benedicto Haryono, CEO of Koinworks.ID, the largest socially responsible digital lender and the first super financial app in Indonesia, and Adrian Li, Managing Partner of AC Ventures.

We talk about:

  • Koinworks’ objectives in Indonesia – its current progress and future roadmap

  • The opportunities for consumer finance in Indonesia and the scale of the opportunity

  • How to compete in the Indonesian FinTech scene

  • The state of financial services in Indonesia in the context of Southeast Asia as well as in the global fintech ecosystem

  • Exciting developments and investment potentials in the Indonesian FinTech scene