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Southeast Asia’s leading parenting data network Supermom projects 100% annual revenue growth in 2024

Published on June 11, 2024


(Hellen Katherina, Indonesia Country Director, Supermom)

Supermom, Southeast Asia’s leading parenting data network, is poised for a year of remarkable expansion, forecasting a 100% increase in revenue for 2024 and intensifying its presence across Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia. 

The company also builds high-value communities in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The disclosure comes alongside the appointment of Hellen Katherina, former Managing Director of Nielsen Indonesia, as Country Director, marking a significant enhancement in leadership aimed at accelerating regional growth.

Supermom’s network now includes over 100 brand partners such as Abbott Laboratories, Prudential, and Danone, with a 100% retention rate of top clients in recent years.

With headquarters in Singapore, Supermom connects brands with parents through a unique platform that leverages artificial intelligence to facilitate meaningful interactions. This innovative approach introduces parents to products tailored to their needs, and those of their children, but also provides multinational brands with high-value consumer insights. 

Luke Lim, Group CEO of Supermom, highlighted the company’s strategic initiatives, “With the appointment of Hellen Katherina and the launch of our ambitious Project 1MPACT, we are geared to activate over 1 million ‘Key Opinion Moms’ in Indonesia by 2025. These moves are integral to our mission of transforming how brands connect with parents by leveraging the power of zero-party data and word-of-mouth marketing.”

Project 1MPACT, set to launch officially in Q2 2024 with support from Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, aims to empower 1 million Indonesian moms and women to become digitally savvy. This initiative will also contribute significantly to the nation’s digital economy, which is expected to reach US$228 billion by 2027.


At the end of 2022, Supermom raised an oversubscribed US$5.9 million series A fundraising round from AC Ventures and Qualgro. This funding has enabled the continued expansion of Supermom’s proprietary tech platform, unifying data touchpoints and enhancing the collection process to build a robust consumer data platform for brands.

Luke said, “Our platform has demonstrated tremendous growth and resilience, activating one mom every minute for the brands we serve. This rapid expansion is a testament to our community’s engagement and the efficacy of our business model, which integrates affiliate marketing seamlessly into our ecosystem, empowering participating parents to earn extra income.”

He added, “Supermom is not just about connecting brands with parents. It’s about creating a comprehensive ecosystem where moms can learn, earn, and share. This community-driven model allows for authentic interaction and empowers moms with tools and opportunities to influence their peers positively. In the increasing adoption of Generative AI, a tsunami wave of content will be generated by AI, and authentic sharing by real moms will become ever more important.”

The recent Supermom Brand Awards 2024 is a key example of the platform’s growing influence, gathering over 11,000 parents to provide over 110,000 insights across  Southeast Asia in less than a month, and showcasing the favorite family brands of today’s millennial parents.

As Supermom continues to evolve, the company remains on the lookout for business partners and investors to enhance its technology and further develop AI-driven solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of parents and brands in emerging Asia. New tech products are slated for rollout in H2 2024 to boost engagement and connectivity, ensuring that parents can maximize the benefits of Supermom’s offerings.

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