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Supermom fuels Indonesian job growth via brands from Singapore, helps moms earn extra income

Published on November 20, 2023


Supermom, one of Southeast Asia’s largest parenting networks backed by AC Ventures, recently launched a new initiative committed to helping small businesses develop in Indonesia. The company has begun facilitating market entry to Indonesia for 25 Singapore-based family-centric brands.

Indonesia emerges as a vital market for parenting brands in the region, with a robust population of over 270 million and a birth rate that ranks among Southeast Asia’s highest at 17.04 per 1,000 people. The country’s rising middle class, empowered by an upward economic trajectory overall, is well-positioned to boost demand for family-centric brands including mother and baby products, lifestyle brands as well as beauty products. 

A 73.7% internet penetration rate propels the nation’s surge in e-commerce, as more Indonesian families shop online for parenting needs. Further, the archipelago’s existing health programs potentially increase the need for quality maternity and baby care solutions. These factors make Indonesia an attractive and potentially lucrative market for parenting brands seeking growth amidst a digitally evolving consumer landscape.

Supermom’s expansion initiative started with an exciting three-day program on November 17-19 at the Sheraton Gandaria City and Gandaria City Mall in Jakarta. The agenda for the first day was squarely business-oriented, with a robust B2B program designed to match the Singaporean brands with compatible Indonesian partners. This business matchmaking covered a spectrum of opportunities, including but not limited to talent sourcing, product development, retail distribution channels, marketing collaborations, and more.

Luke Lim, Co-founder and Group CEO of Supermom, remarked on the partnership’s importance: “This initiative is a win-win for the Singaporean brands and Indonesian parents alike. It’s about creating connections that unlock new possibilities. When we enable these brands to meet local partners and engage with our network of ‘key opinion moms,’ we’re fostering a supportive ecosystem for business growth and innovation.”

The initiative is not only geared toward market penetration but also focuses on community and capacity building by generating employment in Indonesia and providing an avenue for local moms to earn through Supermom’s innovative platform. The participating brands will be introduced to Supermom’s network of “key opinion moms,” paving the way for targeted marketing and real consumer engagement, while also offering a source of income to everyday moms for their authentic content. 

The event’s second and third days shifted toward a B2C approach, offering a family festival with interactive activities and entertainment for all ages. It celebrated the integration of Singaporean products into Indonesian lives, featuring product showcases, games, and awards that highlighted the enrichment of local families through this international collaboration.

“Stepping into Indonesia with Supermom’s data-driven insights positions us uniquely to make informed business decisions and tailor our approaches to the distinct Indonesian market,” Luke added. “It’s about bringing value to the table while ensuring the local workforce benefits from our entry.”

The collaboration promises to be more than just a foray into a new market—it’s set to be a platform for sustainable economic and social growth. By tapping into the Indonesian market, these 25 brands will contribute to local job creation, and with Supermom’s proprietary market intelligence, they’ll be equipped to thrive in a competitive landscape.

This initiative supports the growth of small businesses in the region, facilitating international trade, and strengthening cross-border relationships. The entry of these brands into Indonesia is a testament to the commitment of these entities to foster growth, innovation, and prosperity in ASEAN.

Supermom encourages business communities, families, and the media to attend the Jakarta event to witness the start of a new chapter in ASEAN geared toward economic and familial prosperity.

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