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SkorLife and AFTECH publish Indonesia’s first official e-book on credit building

Published on November 22, 2023


SkorLife and the Indonesian Fintech Association (AFTECH) have decided to undertake the task of educating the mass market in Indonesia about responsible borrowing and fair credit practices, and how adhering to these can lead to favorable credit scores and a brighter future.

SkorLife, Indonesia’s first and leading credit builder backed by AC Ventures, announced earlier today that it has released a three-volume e-book in partnership with AFTECH to help Indonesians understand how they can safely build and enhance their credit scores. This guide has also been published on the official website of the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Comprehensive information on building credit scores in Indonesia was not easily accessible. Many Indonesians are left wondering how to maintain a favorable standing in front of lenders and improve approval chances for their loan applications. SkorLife and AFTECH joined forces to bring such clarity.

The e-book emerged amid the rise of online lenders. This shift marked a departure from traditional lending institutions, as individuals sought alternative means to access credit. The rise of P2P platforms and non-institutional creditors created a more diversified lending environment, offering borrowers increased options and flexibility. However, this diversification also brought about challenges, particularly in terms of risk management.

As the number of defaulted loans spiked, Indonesians started to see an impact on their official credit scores. The escalating number of defaulted loans after the Covid-19 pandemic has had a cascading effect on the creditworthiness of individuals, jeopardizing their prospects of securing loan approvals in the future. As the economic slowdown persisted, the challenges associated with obtaining credit became more pronounced, creating a formidable barrier for many Indonesians seeking financial assistance.

The E-book contains three volumes. The first introduces the concept of responsible credit, offering essential insights for Indonesians on how to borrow responsibly. The second volume explains the concept of credit scores, presenting clear steps to comprehend them better. The final volume provides a comprehensive look at managing credit scores based on one’s age and situation, guiding individuals on improving their scores to access more sophisticated financial products. Together, these volumes equip Indonesians with a thorough understanding of responsible borrowing and credit management.

Indonesians now have a trustworthy resource to help them understand the steps needed to qualify for significant financial opportunities, such as mortgages, higher education loans, and more. This development also coincides with a period of active discussion in Indonesia’s personal finance landscape.

Co-founder and CEO of SkorLife Ongki Kuniawan explained, “Because it’s so easy these days for Indonesians to get loans, be it from P2P lending platforms, PayLater or other avenues, we see that many people are overwhelmed by the debt burden and started defaulting. This hurt their credit scores and their chances of accessing life-changing loan products such as mortgages, credit cards, or educational loans in the future. SkorLife and AFTECH’s e-book promotes responsible borrowing and emphasizes the benefits of maintaining disciplined behavior in building financial reputations.”

He added, “Official credit scores will soon become a societal pillar in Indonesia – in fact, it’s already happening. Employers, for example, such as Indonesia’s major financial institutions, have been integrating credit checks as a part of their recruitment process for some time now. This is because studies show that there is a correlation between poor credit and fraud.”

Pandu Sjahrir, Chairman of AFTECH, echoed the sentiment and highlighted the imperative nature of the initiative. He said, “It’s pivotal that Indonesians are equipped with accurate and actionable information on their credit scoring. Our collaboration with SkorLife is a testament to AFTECH’s commitment to empowering Indonesians with the right financial tools and insights.”

Horas VM Tarihoran, Director of Financial Literacy and Education at OJK added, “We support the launch of the e-book because it is in line with OJK’s commitment to educating the public to wisely use financial products and services, including making responsible loans. This e-book is a source of information that can be relied upon to increase awareness and understanding about the use of loans to achieve financial goals. We believe this can also encourage increased financial literacy of the Indonesian people.”

To download all three volumes of the e-book, please visit:

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