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Southeast Asian small home appliance brand Simplus tripled sales in 2023

Published on February 6, 2024

Simplus, a small home appliances brand in Southeast Asia, has emerged as a top profitable contender in the region’s vibrant new retail sector. The company’s co-founder and CEO Jack Zhang is an e-commerce veteran in the region, having previously served as CEO of Lazada Thailand from 2019 to 2021.   

Simplus achieved tremendous growth over the past year with sales tripling while maintaining profitability in 2023. During the ‘Double 11’ shopping festival in 2023, Simplus ranked number one on TikTok and number two behind Philips on Shopee’s top brands in small home appliances, showing that it is already one of the more popular brands among Southeast Asia’s online shoppers. It achieved a record-breaking US$1 million in sales in a single day.

With increased urbanization and a rising middle class, the Southeast Asian consumer market is ripe for affordable brands that fit their local needs. The company’s strategy focuses on discovering the unfulfilled needs of young consumers and providing well-designed and value-for-money products. This is coupled with localized service catering to different languages and cultures across the region.

One notable example of this is its high-speed hair dryer, designed to offer a fast drying experience with maximal hair protection. Simplus also offers essential household products such as air fryers, high-quality vacuums and mops, and more. The brand’s high-quality products combined with competitive prices (ranging from US$15 to US$50 per item) have helped Simplus build a compelling value proposition in the small home appliance space.

AC Ventures made an investment in Simplus in early 2023, providing the company with additional resources and on-the-ground support as it starts its expansion in Indonesia. The company plans to use these funds for infrastructure upgrades and to further propel product research and development. In the past 12 months, Simplus has introduced several new products and it now covers multiple categories including beauty and kitchen as well as home and living appliances, likely making it the next “Philips of Southeast Asia.” 

Jack commented on the company’s progress, “We are so glad to join the AC Ventures family. With the support of the AC Ventures team, we will further focus on product development, channel expansion, and information system build-up.”

Unlike many other direct-to-consumer brands today that rely primarily on e-commerce platforms for sales, Simplus is already expanding into offline sales channels, such as HomePro, one of the largest retailers in Thailand. The company also excels in localization with its live streaming and short videos depicting Southeast Asian lifestyles. It maintains a high Net Promoter Score (“NPS”) score of 50-60% across multiple countries in the region.

Additionally, its robust online presence is marked by high conversion rates from brand-specific searches, which demonstrates strong brand recall. 

Jack said, “Southeast Asia is a huge market with some of the most vibrant consumers in the world. Simplus is determined to serve local consumers with tailor-made products, well-managed quality, world-class service, and importantly, the most competitive pricing possible. We hope we can serve consumers well, grow with them, and be their top choice for home appliances.”

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