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AC Ventures and Stripe launch playbook on GTM strategies for startups

Published on September 12, 2023


In the ever-evolving world of startups, the path to success is often riddled with challenges and uncertainties. Recognizing the need for a clear roadmap, AC Ventures, in partnership with Stripe, has launched a comprehensive playbook titled “Navigating GTM Strategies for Startups.” This guide is designed to provide startups with the tools and insights they need to craft a robust go-to-market (GTM) strategy, ensuring their products not only reach the market but thrive in it.

Every startup, regardless of its stage or industry, requires a GTM strategy. It’s not just about launching a new product or service; it’s about understanding the nuances of the target markets, positioning the product effectively against competitors, and delivering unparalleled value to customers. A meticulously devised GTM strategy is the backbone of successful market penetration, introducing new products, and increasing market share. In essence, it sets the stage for long-term growth and customer loyalty.

The playbook is a reservoir of actionable insights. It explores the nuances of market dynamics, identifying and targeting the right audience, setting the optimal price point, determining effective distribution methods, and crafting strategies to promote products and drive sales. For instance, when it comes to customer segmentation, B2C startups should focus on individual characteristics like demographics, while B2B startups should zero in on attributes of the companies they aim to cater to, such as company size and industry.


The customer’s journey is a vital framework for startups, outlining the progression potential customers undergo from initial awareness to eventual purchase. This journey is segmented into four stages: awareness, where customers recognize a need; consideration, where they actively research and compare solutions; decision, culminating in a purchase; and advocacy, where satisfied customers become loyal advocates, promoting the product or service. 

By comprehending this journey, startups can optimize their marketing and sales strategies, ensuring they engage customers with timely and relevant messages.

Stripe, renowned for its financial infrastructure solutions, offers a wealth of insights in the playbook, especially on the importance of customer profiling. Their team’s GTM strategy, tailored to cater to diverse customer segments, underscores the importance of truly understanding your audience. This can be achieved through various means, be it surveys, interviews, focus groups, web analytics, or gleaning insights from social media data. Such knowledge not only aids startups in refining their marketing campaigns but also plays a pivotal role in product development, enhancing customer service, and formulating compelling sales pitches.

Samira Shihab, Principal and Head of Value Creation at AC Ventures, explained, “Our latest playbook on GTM strategies is designed to give clear direction for startup founders navigating what can sometimes be confusing go-to-market avenues. With useful insights and pragmatic frameworks, we aim for startups to be better positioned to make informed decisions, tap into new opportunities, and carve out a sustainable competitive niche for themselves.”

Discover how to strategically take your startup to market by visiting the ACV resources page to download the playbook: https://acv.vc/resources/

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