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Nalagenetics and Waste4Change among the world’s premier startups in the G20 Innovation League 2021

Published on October 13, 2021

Photo Credits: Nalagenetics

Two portfolio companies of AC Ventures, Nalagenetics and Waste4Change represented Indonesia in the prestigious G20 Innovation League event held in Italy over the past weekend on 9-10 October 2021. Waste4Change represented Indonesia for the Cleantech category, while Nalagenetics won the Healthcare category in a selective event with more than 100 startups from the participating 20 countries.

Nalagenetics successfully showcased its innovation in providing cost-effective genetic testing-based healthcare that is catered to people with different biological make-up and backgrounds, specifically to those in Southeast Asia.

“Genetic screening for early diagnosis and intervention in developing countries have a suboptimal impact. Nalagenetics’ cost-effective genetic screening pipeline targets both personalized prevention and treatment of chronic conditions. Our products are uniquely positioned to scale rapidly across developing markets,” said Levana Sani, Co-Founder & CEO of Nalagenetics. Within the theme of “reinventing the future of healthcare”, their product, team, and offering received the highest ratings among the startups present.

As a company, Nalagenetics develops clinical-grade genetic testing software and kits and works with providers and patients to combine genetics, clinical outcomes, and patient behaviors to make actionable recommendations.

“Nalagenetics has been working to provide disruptive solutions in personalized medicine and to improve its accessibility to the Indonesian & Southeast Asian population at large. Congratulations to the team, and we are confident that they will persist in bringing significant impact through innovative solutions as they grow,” said Michael Soerijadji, Founder & Managing Partner of AC Ventures.

Previously, the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) nominated several startups from Indonesia, including Nalagenetics and Waste4Change, to represent Indonesia at this year’s G20 forum held in Italy.

The G20 Innovation League 2021 is an event dedicated to innovation that focuses on the challenges that need to be faced and the opportunities these provide to promote international trade, investment, and innovation for the benefit of society.

Every member country nominated suitable startups for each of the challenges posed. They illustrated the prospects for each challenge. It ranged from the challenges and opportunities of Cleantech, the potential of AI while managing its risks, augmenting humans with IoT and wearables technology, building smart cities, and the future of mobility (with a specific focus on green and smart mobility), and reinventing the future of healthcare.

“The selection of NalaGenetics and Waste4Change by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics speaks volumes to the trust provided on the scale their offerings can reach. We are proud to have portfolios that continue to be at the forefront of solving pressing problems through innovation at the global stage,” said Michael.

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