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Listing Domestically: Pandu Sjahrir of Indies Capital and AC Ventures

Published on October 14, 2020

Original post by Indo Tekno Podcast

Our guest this week, Pandu Sjahrir, is one of Indonesia’s best known tech investors and operating executives. Actively involved in the management of four leading companies, Pandu was also recently appointed Board Member of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (or IDX). He joins us to outline the growing attractions of IPO’ing on the IDX for Indonesia’s tech start-up’s.

Pandu describes his main mandate as “hunting Indonesian elephants”: he is actively encouraging Indo’s largest tech companies to list domestically in the belief that, with such valuable precedent, the IDX will be able to eventually develop a thriving ecosystem of listed tech companies. The benefits of listing domestically to the tech entrepreneur he argues are numerous: from valuable MSCI index inclusion (and thus demand from absolutely massive pools of passive moneys), to the fiscal attractions of a 0.1%-0.5% capital gains tax, to a declining corporate income tax and the support of dual class shares.

Pandu views recent recent mix shifts on the IDX over the past year as very positive: retail accounts have doubled to 3.2m and local investors have risen from 45% to 60% of market ownership. He also candidly discusses where Indo’s IPO ecosystem needs to mature, in areas such as board membership, governance and transparency of reporting.

Pandu also shares generously other insights from his various current roles as Chairman of Sea Group Indonesia, Managing Director of alternative asset manager Indies Capital, Founding Partner of leading early stage venture fund ACVentures, and CFO of leading mining group Toba Bara Sejahtra.

The pandemic has revealed the real grit and leadership amongst Pandu’s most talented entrepreneurs, and punished those with more mercenary intentions. Pandu’s advice for the IPO aspirant: now is the time to consider an IPO, but be sure to prepare for scrutiny and other new challenges.

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