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Rosé All Day Cosmetics reports 6x growth surge, profitability, and expansion plans

Published on May 24, 2023


Earlier today, Halal-certified direct-to-consumer (D2C) Indonesian beauty brand Rosé All Day Cosmetics (RADC) renowned for its high-quality, clean-beauty, and cruelty-free makeup and skincare solutions, announced plans for expansion following impressive financial growth. 

The company, launched in 2017 and backed by leading early-stage venture capital firm AC Ventures since 2020, reported a 4x increase in annual revenue in 2022 and is on track to achieve a remarkable 6x growth in 2023. Crediting its success to bolstered distribution channels, both online and offline, as well as strong customer retention, RADC has mapped out plans to widen its nationwide distribution, break into other Southeast Asian markets, and enhance its omnichannel presence. As part of the expansion strategy, the company will also rebrand its skincare collection. 

With a current team of 50, new hires are expected across multiple divisions, including marketing, social media, operations, finance, supply chain, product development, community building, and creative development, as RADC continues to invest in personnel to shore up its brand relevance and further propel growth.

Newly minted as a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur in 2023, RADC Co-founder Tiffany Danielle recounted the company’s origins. “In 2017, my co-founders and I identified a burgeoning need for beauty brands that offered superior products at attainable prices,” said Tiffany. “We noticed a dearth of local brands that boasted quality or branding on par with international standards, something that could truly resonate with women like us.” 

She continued, “At that time, buying higher-end beauty products often meant traveling abroad and primarily purchasing from international brands. When brands like Kylie Cosmetics were thriving, people were ready to pay double, even triple the original price through resellers to acquire those lip kits here in Indonesia. The astronomical pricing and the constant requirement to replenish our beauty kits during each travel prompted us to think about creating an affordable, yet premium beauty brand that modern women could relate to.”

“While deliberating about the nature of our prospective beauty brand,” Tiffany explained. “We realized that despite our varying makeup styles, hobbies, careers, personalities, and skin concerns, there were certain ‘everyday essentials’ that always found a place in our makeup bags. From busy mothers and working women with little prep time to college students – our aim was to craft products that would become an integral part of their daily beauty routines and enhance their overall experience.”


During the conceptualization phase of their beauty brand, the team realized that despite their diverse lifestyles and makeup preferences, they all had ‘everyday essential’ beauty products. Thus, they aimed to create products that would fit seamlessly into the daily routines of a wide range of women, including busy mothers, working professionals, and college students.

“We started with an initial capital amount of US$10,000. For the first three years, RADC experienced organic growth with minimal marketing expenditure,” recalled Co-founder Cindy Nyoto Gunawan. “It was in 2020 that we received seed funding from AC Ventures. Even during the 2020-2022 pandemic, RADC exhibited rapid growth, keeping our marketing spending under 20% of revenue. We utilized customer reviews on social media and e-commerce platforms as our marketing tools, which contributed to a low customer acquisition cost.”

As a customer-centric brand committed to inclusivity, RADC offers transparency, simplicity, convenience, and affordability. The team continuously expands the brand’s shade range to cater to Indonesia’s diverse skin tones and create innovative, quality products like the country’s first vegan, anti-pollutant skin tint. The team prioritizes transparency in the brand’s ingredients and product claims. RADC simplifies the beauty routine for busy modern women, provides convenient online and offline shopping experiences, and ensures high-quality beauty products are accessible by maintaining affordable pricing.

RADC won the ‘Best Lip Gloss’ title in 2020 and 2022 at the Female Daily Beauty Awards, and ‘Best Concealer’ and ‘Best Mascara’ in 2022 at the Tokopedia Beauty Awards. The brand maintains a loyal, community-driven following. This was particularly evident when, despite a significant warehouse fire in 2022 leading to a temporary closure, RADC’s sales rebounded swiftly. 

Cindy added, “As RADC evolves, our dedication to consistent branding and high-quality products remains steadfast. We’re heartened by our product momentum, both online and offline, and our community-driven approach will continue guiding us. Our creative campaigns resonate with our customers and, recognizing the growing demand, we’re committed to strengthening our supply chain to meet these needs.”

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