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AC Ventures and Boston Consulting Group run webinar series ahead of fintech report


Earlier this week, AC Ventures (ACV) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) announced the launch of a new webinar series titled “The State of Indonesia’s Fintech Union.” The live, online event series is designed to serve as a primer to investors, entrepreneurs, and industry stakeholders who are keen on better understanding the nation’s fintech space at large. The series comes just ahead of the pair’s planned release of Indonesia’s most complete fintech report to date, scheduled to be released early next year.

The webinar series will consist of different topics spread across two live webinars on different dates. The first episode is titled “Strategic Priorities & Paths to Sustainable Profitability.” It took place on Tuesday, 22 November 2022, at 6 pm Jakarta time.

The inaugural session, moderated by Sumit Kumar, Managing Director and Partner of Boston Consulting Group, and Hameer Chauhan, Project Leader at BCG, was open to the public and featured prominent speakers from the local fintech and venture capital sectors. Panel members will include Adrian Li, Founder and Managing Partner of AC Ventures; Benedicto Haryono, Co-founder and CEO of KoinWorks; Asheesh Chanda, CEO of Kristal.AI; and Dima Djani, Co-founder and CEO of ALAMI.

The group discussed changes in the global macroeconomic environment and how they are impacting Indonesia’s fintech industry. They reviewed the sector’s key players to analyze how fintech is currently evolving (the rise of digital banks, etc) and sought to understand how it penetrates both consumer and MSME segments. The session also addressed some of the biggest internal challenges faced by fintech founders when building a team.

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“Access to comprehensive financial services continues to be one of the most powerful enabling factors in Indonesia’s future growth. The application of digital technology solutions to accelerate financial inclusion, be it for payments, lending, investment, insurance, or banking, will be one of the most disruptive forces for value creation in Indonesia’s coming digital decade,” explained Adrian Li, Founder & Managing Partner, AC Ventures.

“As customer expectations evolve, the fintech industry must continue to grow in ways that the industry envisions. How can we exceed expectations? How can we set a new vision for the industry’s future? How can traditional FIs collaborate with fintech startups to drive growth? These exciting questions motivate us to partner with AC Ventures,” said Sumit Kumar, Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group.

“Through this webinar series, we will be taking a deeper dive into the state of Indonesia’s fintech union. Specifically, from next week’s webinar, we will see through Indonesia’s key players’ strategic priorities and how they envision themselves growing in a macroeconomic environment. We believe through our expertise at BCG and ACV’s wide range of portfolio and network, we will be able to capture an insight that best describe the current industry and compile a report that will be beneficial not only for the industry but also for the ecosystem as a whole,” Sumit added.

The Indonesian fintech industry has shown promising momentum in recent years. Propelled by social restrictions during Covid-19, the nation witnessed rapid growth across all sub-verticals, including payments, loans, investments, and more.

Google, Bain, and Temasek predict that digital payments in Indonesia will soon grow to US$351 billion in value, while digital lending books will reach US$35 billion, and local investment platforms’ assets under management will reach US$28 billion by 2025. As a result, investor appetite for fintech in Indonesia remains on an upward trajectory.

Multiple local startups in the sector have also reached ‘unicorn’ status (with valuations north of US$1 billion). These include  Xendit, a portfolio company of AC Ventures, as well as Akulaku and Ajaib.

Through this new webinar series, ACV and BCG will pull back the sector’s curtain to reveal exclusive, never before seen data on fintech in the archipelago. They will also offer actionable insights related to the most promising investment opportunities on the horizon in Southeast Asia’s largest and most important market.

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