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ACV Academy and Google launch new playbook on OKRs

Published on January 13, 2023


Earlier this week, Indonesia-based, early-stage venture capital firm AC Ventures (ACV) held a public webinar to mark the launch of its latest playbook for tech founders titled, “Setting Up OKRs for Growth-Oriented Teams,” produced by ACV Academy in collaboration with Google. 

For attendees, the webinar featured an insightful discussion, a useful workshop, and an interactive Q&A session with Google’s Head of Marketing & Creative Solutions Guneet Singh, alongside Charu Joshi, Google’s Head of Strategic Partnerships.

With a straightforward ethos of “Exponential Education,” ACV Academy seeks to help more tech startups in the region achieve early traction and scale. Since 2022, ACV has been on a bold mission to provide hands-on guidance and support to its portfolio companies across Indonesia. It is the only tech investment firm in the archipelago to offer a full-fledged value creation division to the companies it invests in. The underlying idea is that if ACV can help its portfolio companies achieve operational excellence from their early days, they can then go on to achieve greater success in the market.       


OKRs, or “Objectives and Key Results,” is a methodology for setting and achieving measurable goals in a business or organization. When implementing OKRs, startups should start by setting clear and measurable objectives for the organization. This should be followed by setting key results, which are specific and measurable outcomes that are needed to achieve the objectives. By linking objectives and key results, startups can ensure that the objectives are being met and track progress toward achieving them. 

ACV Academy’s latest playbook provides a step-by-step guide on how to implement OKRs effectively within startups, from understanding the basics of the methodology to creating and tracking the progress of OKRs.

“One of the main benefits of OKRs is that they provide a clear and measurable way to align individual and team goals with the overall objectives of the organization. By setting specific and measurable outcomes, teams are able to focus their efforts on the most important tasks and make progress toward achieving their goals,” explained Samira Shihab, Head of Value Creation at AC Ventures. “Additionally, OKRs are flexible and can be adapted to suit the needs of any organization, making them suitable for small startups and large enterprises.”

She added, “With ACV Academy, we are committed to providing founders with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. This playbook was crafted by experienced professionals with a proven track record of successful OKR implementation in a variety of organizations. We are confident that it will provide valuable insights and practical tips for anyone looking to implement OKRs for real growth.”

To download the playbook, please visit: https://acv.vc/okr-playbook/

ACV is a top Southeast Asian venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups focused on Indonesia and ASEAN, with over US$500 million in assets under management. The firm’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs with more than just capital by combining operational experience, industry knowledge, deep local networks, and resources. ACV’s team has invested in over 120 tech companies in the region since 2012. With a team of more than 35 professionals led by Adrian Li, Michael Soerijadji, Helen Wong, and Pandu Sjahrir, it has offices in Jakarta and Singapore.

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