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AC Ventures Founding Partner Pandu Sjahrir Officially Becomes Chairman of AFTECH

Published on June 7, 2021

Pandu Sjahrir as a Chairman of the Indonesia FinTech Association (AFTECH) for 2021-2025.

Founding Partner of AC Ventures, Pandu Sjahrir, was officially elected as Chairman of the Indonesia FinTech Association (AFTECH) for 2021-2025.

Pandu has a strong track record in the technology and financial industry and diverse experience across multiple industries, including serving as Chairman of SEA Group Indonesia and a member of the IDX Board of Commissioner. At AC Ventures, Pandu has supported leading fintech players such as Stockbit, Alami, and Finantier to grow and increase financial inclusion in Indonesia.

“Today, AFTECH has undergone a regeneration of its management for the next five years. Thank you for the trust given to me to lead and protect all members of the organization. Thanks to the previous general Chairman, Niki Luhur, and the founders. Hopefully, this baton can continue to run, following the original intentions of the founders for the advancement of financial services in Indonesia,” Pandu wrote on his Instagram profile.

Speaking about the future of fintech in Indonesia, Pandu is very optimistic and believes that this sector has excellent potential to reach the expansion seen in China and the U.S. In his capacity as Chairman, Pandu plans to increase AFTEC collaboration to spur innovation in developing market conduct-based digital infrastructure. Additionally, AFTECH will also embrace regulators to create a balanced control in the financial ecosystem in Indonesia.

These key initiatives are expected to increase innovation in financial services and to further strengthen the ecosystem, continuing the work of past AFTECH leadership to build a robust fintech sector and making high-quality financial services more accessible to Indonesians.

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