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5 Indonesian startups that bring positive impact to the nation

Published on August 18, 2021

Indonesia celebrated its 76th Independence Day on Tuesday. In the euphoria of independence day momentum, AC Ventures summarized five startups from Indonesia that positively impact the nation. These startups come from different sectors, ranging from agriculture, fintech to logistics.

Catch a glimpse of them!


Photo Credits: Aruna

Founded in 2016 by Farid Naufal Aslam, Indraka Fadhlillah, and Utari Octavianty, Aruna’s vision is to transform Indonesia’s fisheries and marine supply chain and cater to the growing global demand for fishery products through technology innovation.

In collaboration with more than 21,000 fishermen across 13 provinces in Indonesia, Aruna opens access for fishermen to enter various fishery market segments, ranging from B2B (exports, hotels, catering), B2C (markets), to B2G (food distribution).

“Since its establishment until today, Aruna has touched all corners of the country. Most are in the coastal villages of Eastern Indonesia. From East Kalimantan, Sulawesi, to West Papua. We also direct fishers to focus on commodities with high selling value and provide jobs for coastal residents. Many workers are absorbed from here. They contribute from catching, stripping to processing it,” said Indraka Fadhlillah, Co-Founder & COO at Aruna.

With the tagline “Sea for All,” Aruna is committed to improving the living standards of the local fishing communities and driving responsible trade practices, which it believes are imperative for the industry’s long-term sustainability.


Photo Credits: Shipper

Shipper is a logistics and warehouse aggregator that offers practical, safe, and convenient service solutions for customers’ business needs with a reach within the country and abroad. Shipper can eliminate efficiencies and save costs for merchants, which is a strong value proposition for both third-party logistics (3PL) and merchants.

The mission of Shipper is to build the easiest way for e-commerce logistics, for sellers to sell online. “We want to make e-commerce logistics extremely easy for anyone to use,” said Phil Opamuratawongse, Co-Founder & CEO at Shipper.

Shipper allows customers to ship packages from anywhere with no minimum order and additional costs. Customers also do not have to bother leaving the house because Shipper will pick up the package directly from the sender’s place.

“The rapid growth of e-commerce transactions in Indonesia has prompted new needs for integrated logistics services from upstream to downstream, including warehousing services. Shipper’s mission is to provide broader and more equitable access to high-class logistics services throughout Indonesia, especially for MSMEs,” explained Budi Handoko, Co-Founder & COO at Shipper.


Photo Credits: ALAMI

ALAMI is a sharia Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform providing loans for MSMEs. ALAMI brings a vision to revolutionize the Islamic finance industry with technology to drive Indonesia’s economic growth.

“I see that technology can bridge these two gaps. First, they can bring stronger branding and identity to the Islamic finance startup scene. So, the urban population can be welcome and adapt to it, as well as bring the access to the market, who are trying to help improve Islamic finance literacy,” explained Dima Djani, Co-Founder & CEO at ALAMI.

ALAMI provides invoice financing for borrowers and will offer pre-invoice loans and community financing in the future. ALAMI plans to acquire a banking license that will allow them to provide savings accounts for individuals and thus essentially turn ALAMI into a digital bank that caters to B2B (loan disbursement) and B2C (savings).

“We believe that the Islamic financial system still has a lot of potentials. Currently, the Islamic financial system only touches 5-6% of the Muslim population in Indonesia, even though 90% of Indonesia’s approximately 250 million people are Muslim. We believe the presence of financial technology can increase that percentage,” said Harza Sandityo, Co-Founder & COO at ALAMI.

Eden Farm

Photo Credits: Eden Farm

Eden Farm carries a mission of self-sufficiency in food for Indonesia by improving the welfare of farmers and the efficiency of the food supply chain. Eden Farm collects, selects, and re-distributes fresh produce purchased from farmers, cutting out the middlemen in the supply chain to offer lower prices, consistent quality, and last-mile delivery to culinary businesses.

Eden Farm’s strength is its strong relationship with the community (farmer) and strategic sourcing centers. Eden Farm is also supported by a strong team with a robust understanding of farming, F&B, and supply chain.

“We are trying to help reduce the number of Indonesian farmers living below the poverty line. EdenFarm tries to connect directly with farmers using the B2B business model to minimize distribution layers and increase farmer profits,” said Ramavito Mountaino, Co-Founder & CFO at Eden Farm.


Photo Credits: Majoo

One of the biggest challenges MSMEs face in Indonesia is the gap in financial records, thereby limiting access to the capital needed for business development to advance to class.

This condition is a challenge for MSMEs to grow beyond their true potential. For this reason, Majoo provides a full-service platform that runs everything from the point of sales (POS) to business management and payroll that helps them optimize their business potential.

“We believe that MSMEs play an important role in supporting the Indonesian economy. We also believe that every MSME should have the same opportunity to access technology and the digital economy that can help MSMEs to grow,” said CEO & Founder of Majoo Adi Wahyu Rahadi.

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