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Impact Investing & ESG

Defining Impact for Our Investments

We strive to be the most trusted and valuable partner in helping founders build their businesses in Indonesia and beyond.

AC Ventures was formed through the merger of two leading venture capital funds in Indonesia – Agaeti Venture Capital and Convergence Ventures. We are a tech-focused investment firm backing early stage high-growth businesses.

Our mission is to invest in the best Indonesian startups and help them grow into world-class companies. In 15 years of investing, we’ve done just that – backed founders who had the dream of reshaping markets with disruptive new business models that change industries.

We believe that Indonesia is the epicenter of the region’s thriving and diverse startup ecosystem. By combining our experience, network, and resources, we bring deep expertise in consumer, B2B, digital media, fintech, and SME industries to our portfolio.

Engine of inclusive economic growth, promotes economic opportunities for micro and small enterprises, and informal sector.

Increase access and affordability to health and wellness – imporve life expectancy and reduce avoidable mortality.

Increase access to higher education through student loan financing, subsequently increasing the number of people with literacy and numeracy.

Investing in female founders, boosting progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Provide affordable reliable, sustainable, and scalable clean energy through solar panel, helps to reduce emissions and increase adaptation efforts in renewable energy.

Increase Employment opportunities – particularly the young workforce, reduce informal employment and gender pay gap, and promote safe working environments.

Increasing the access of MSMEs and inormal sector to financial services – accelerating sustainable and resilient inffrastructure development.

Our portolio companies aim to empower and promote social, economic, and financial inclusion of all – narrowing the gap in opportunity and income in and outside of their region.

Promote enviromentally susstainable choices through its sharing economy and optimizin space density, reducing the need or constuction from the ground up.

Help develop coastal economy through fair and transparent fisheriess trade platform, bringing positive and sustainable impact to small scale ffisheries, and reducing overfishing and illeagl fishing practices.

Increase in capital inflow into the region (e.g., FDI), enhance use of enabling technology, and synergy between governments, private sector, and civil society strengthen the partnership or sustainable development.