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Adrian Li from AC Ventures on parallels between triathlons and startups, being a venturepreneur and his ‘barbell balance’ technique for work-life balance

Original Post by Understanding VC

Adrian Li is a venture capitalist amongst many other things, who has ample entrepreneurial experience, and prefers the tag of being a venturepreneur. He has acquired intensive business experience in Indonesia and China, which he shares with us in this episode.

Adrian also divulges his “barbell balance” technique for work-life balance, and reveals a fascinating analogy between triathlons and startups based on his hybrid experience of being an investor, an entrepreneur, as well as an athlete.

This episode will answer:

  • Why is Adrian drawn to developing markets like China and Indonesia? What role does technology play here?
  • What motivated Adrian to develop Idapted, a one-on-one English test preparation platform for Chinese students? What were some of the challenges he faced in the process?
  • What is Adrian’s science of hiring, and what inspires it?
  • Why does Adrian refer to himself as a “Venturepreneur”?
  • What is AC Academy? How does AC Ventures aim to  educate entrepreneurs through it?
  • Why doesn’t Adrian endorse the Chinese 996 work culture?
  • What is Adrian’s Barbell Strategy to achieve work-life balance?
  • How does Adrian compare a triathlon with the evolution of a startup? What are the ways to reach the finishing line?
  • What is Adrian’s perception of the Indonesian tech startup ecosystem, its qualities, and shortcomings?

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